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Aquarius Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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You feel attracted about short-term relationships. You've always known this. Sooner or later, you end up getting bored if things go too steady.

But don't you think it's time you settled down once and for all? That person you've been meeting on and off really loves you.

Your heart's starting to love too! But your Aquarian pride keeps you stuck on the idea of "not being hunted down" by a relationship.

Even being on a track of constant change and novelty can be tiresome! You're now starting to realise that might be true.

It's time to be brave and assume that stability is the form of true love. The one you've always been dodging as if someone were shooting poisoned darts at you.


Mistakes can happen every day, but when you've got such a delicate issue in your hands, it's best to avoid making a mistake now! Stay completely focused, Aquarians; otherwise, consequences could be seriously dire for you.

If you work on finance, you have huge chances of making your company lose lots of money. Your managers might take both financial and legal measures against you if that happens. Be very careful about that.

Problems at home will definitely take a toll on your wallet. You need to take better care of your home apparel, because treating devices in a rough way could make you have to invest money in costly repairs.


Take care of your hygiene. Being in a hurry shouldn't be an excuse to neglect something as important as your body, the wrapping that allows you to stay alive! Using perfume can make someone's day.

Save some time to yourselves in order to perform self-care rituals. A manicure would also do you some good, Aquarians.

Give in to one of your whims, like eating ice cream. With the heat we're having, it'll feel especially pleasant, and it's a fantastic option protein-wise, compared to the empty calories in the sugar found on processed, factory-made pastries.


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