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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 23rd August

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Venus and the Moon are together and harmonising within your astral chart. That's wonderful! Eroticism and feelings will walk hand in hand today...

Whether it is with your partner, or someone for whom you've had quite special feelings for a while, you'll have great moments in bed today. It could be quite the perfect day to make some memories...

The counterpart of this star influence is that your loved one will become an unavoidable obsession. You'll want to know more and more from your loved one every waking hour!

Control this tendency by focusing your mind elsewhere. There's time for everything! Enjoy the pleasant sensations that today has in store for you, and don't care about anything else.


Do you have daily milestones you can't reach? How about taking your expectations down a notch?

An appropriate perception of your skills will take you further than you think. It'll help you plan better instead of overwhelming you with tasks you won't be able to complete, with the frustration that comes along with that!

Talk to your managers if you can't make it and notice that setting goals isn't up to you. Everyone will win in the long run. They'll become aware that you're swamped with work.

If someone else did the same thing you're doing, at this point they would have an anxiety leave, Aquarians...


Reject all those medications, Aquarians. Why should you down a pill every time the slightest pain or discomfort shows up? This is an excellent chance to train your mind.

Pain just because is certainly unnecessary, of course. But it is true that you need to let your body develop its own defense weapons before you jump in and take measures. You're weakening your immune system if you anticipate its answer.

In this society where all that counts are quick results, we've forgotten we can also heal ourselves.