Aquarius Horoscope for 23 October

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It's time to think and take a look into your inner world. You'll feel sort of disconnected from your daily reality.

With your partner and friends, things will go smooth sailing all around, and there won't be a single issue clouding your heart, but you won't be able to hold back from doing some reflection and feeling kind of nostalgic.

Those incredible holidays with your now ex-partner, the friends that are no longer around, those unique parties... They're not coming back. Time going by stops you from dwelling on those happy times, and now you mope about it.

As long as you're alive, rest assured because life will keep surprising you! Rejoice the experience of having lived all those special events, and stop missing out on what's going on now.

Let nostalgia be your bridge to new experiences that will bring many more happy and good times, Aquarians.


Planning your finances will now be more important than ever, now that those expenses that you definitely need to take care of are coming by.

Putting money away for bills and regular expenses and keeping it separate from your money for fun and sticking to your own plan will save you from having to ask for loans with crazy interests, Aquarians.

Before you jump into purchasing goods and services with your credit card, you should spend only the money you have instead. That is, the one in your debit card.

If you follow this advice, you might even manage to save money, which will let you lead a more comfortable life as the next month draws closer, or invest into something you like, such as a trip abroad.


Do you eat healthy but can't seem to see your weight change? You'll be surprised to know that anxiety might be the cause for your weight to be at a standstill.

You need your own time to have lunch and dinner. Try to eat without rushing it through, relax and savour every bite.

This way, you'll give fullness some time to show up, which you'll get after having eaten for 20 minutes.

The time when you go shopping is also important; you should never go shopping when lunchtime is near, because hunger will make you buy high-calorie foods (such as pastries). Have a previously-made list at the ready.