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Full Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 24th August
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Mars has a warlike shine in the skies, and no matter how sociable and open you enjoy being, today you're not that ready to party, Aquarians.

You'll experience some severe mood changes that will get you into bitter arguments. That's right, Mars brings out your warrior side.

With things as they are now, what's most advisable for you is not to start any pending conversations, let alone with your partner! Feelings could get hurt.

If you're just starting a relationship, neither today or in the days to come should you make any progress in your relationship. There's a risk for break-up exponentially increasing with the current planet arrangement.


Your head's like a pressure cook about to burst. Calm down! Your feelings can cloud up your reasoning. The world isn't against you at all, Aquarians.

You should use this firey energy in a constructive way. Give yourselves in to the most tedious, effort-requiring tasks, those you've been putting off for so long. Not only will you finish earlier than you thought you would, but you will also feel more relaxed when you're all done.

The positive side to this is that you can gamble at will and come back home with your pockets full to the brim. Today you should devote fearlessly to anything that involves speculation and a slight risk.


You're no longer "in your prime", but with that extra energy coming from Mars, you'll be the one to turn the heads of everyone in jealousy!

You can go on and on in physical activities where others wear themselves out quickly. With this energy you'll be able to shape and resize your body the way you've always wanted to. It's time to start training for real, Aquarians.

Why not sign up for a running test? There's races for good causes out there, and there's nothing better for Aquarians than letting some steam out and helping around to make the world a better place.