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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 24

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You have so much to give that sometimes you forget that your generosity towards that person you like rarely comes back to you. It's not just about always paying up for your dates.

Negativity is visible in the information from the stars regarding your relationships, Aquarians, and this can't be ignored. In an attempt to be considerate to others, you just keep giving and are too selfless.

You should pay attention, because if you nourish the toxic relationships in your life, there'll be a point you're so worn out and tired from giving and not receiving at all, that you'll burn out and blame everyone around you.

But you know what? You should just start making decisions about who's worth the ride and who isn't, for the sake of your heart and kind feelings, Aquarians.

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Your talents will finally get some recognition, and it'll be thanks to a master hit from Lady Luck! An activity you normally have as a hobby which you've been working hard on will make your managers crazy about it when they find out.

You'll very easily change positions in your company and do tasks more befitting for your real talents. It's unusual, but you should take on the challenge and bet on doing your best.

It all points out that everything will go fine, even if you haven't worked there for too long, because you'll become a long-term employee. It's as if you got an early Christmas present.

If you're unemployed, you'll enjoy the same fate. You'll come out of financial hardship thanks to a friend who will encourage you to give your natural gifts a price to pay.


If you're too anxious and clinging to that delicious food, there's a strong stomach ache waiting for you.

Take a breath while you're eating and pay close attention to every mouthful. It's quite normal to let go with the conversation and end up eating more than what your body actually wants.

If you don't want to ruin this special day, take measures before trouble arises. Keep some antacids in your shelves. There's a wild, wild night coming!

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