Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



An isolation or reflection period is what you need the most right now. Putting so much of your energy into love has made you emotionally exhausted.

It's impossible to row a couples' boat all by yourselves, Aquarians. No matter how much drive and willpower you use, sometimes there's no other choice but to give up and admit the obvious evidence.

You did everything you could, so don't let yourselves fall into misery. That person will eventually know what they're missing! Instead of continuing to mope and cry around, it's time to rekindle with your true selves.

Aquarians in relationships need to go on a short getaway by themselves, or just stay on the sidelines for a while. Fortunately, your partner knows you for real, so they'll understand.


Now that half the week is gone, you'll finally feel your energy soaring. Your day will be full of obstacles and drawbacks, but you'll fortunately be able to get them sorted out without much struggle.

No matter if it's in or out of the office, your day will keep you fully alert on what you're doing. Mistakes don't come cheap.

One of your workmates is interested in making you a joint proposal for your manager. It's an improvement in your work conditions, which benefits everybody. Why not join the petition? That'll make the change come sooner, Aquarians.

If you belong to an association, it's hot potatoes around here. There'll be important decisions to make and people need you to help out.


Yes, Aquarians, the heat of routine and daily struggles can make anyone lose their drive. After work, all we want is to get into comfy clothing and rest. Lying down, if possible...

The only trouble, Aquarians, is that you can't stand routine, and as much as you rest, there's a part of you wondering what to do to reach full relaxation. Maybe you're in need of new stimuli!

One of the most perfect places where you can get rid of your head and mind's hustle is the beach. If you're lucky enough to be able to go, don't forget about it! A barefoot walk on the sand is exactly what you need, Aquarians.