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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for 25th August

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There's good vibrations all around you! The planets' excellent arrangement predicts you'll see the sweetest side of love.

You'll feel admired and attended to, Aquarians. Those who appreciate you will want to be around you, and those who barely know you will have a lot of questions about you in mind.

You'll get rumours that someone likes you in a special way. You may be aware of their presence or not, but the thing is, it'll feel quite flattering whether you're dating or single.

And in case you're alone, that won't last long! Venus, the planet of love, wants to see you holding hands with someone who complements you. You'll experience tons and tons of happy moments with that person.


It seems like there's colleagues at work who will want to hurt you for good... Someone will have an opinion about the way you do things. As if they'd been asked to give one in the first place!

And not just at work; at home you'll be questioned about how you handle finances. All the accusations thrown your way have no solid base.

Their frustration and distorted perspectives are to blame. Don't pay attention to anyone who just isn't right.

Still, it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to get an appointment with a financial manager; you may need a couple of useful pieces of advice, instead of pure, unadulterated destructive criticism, Aquarians.


What really counts is that now you're willing to change things up and make up for your mistakes. You've overcome the past and now you're ready to do anything you can to reach your next health level.

Keep up that positive attitude and vitality streak, because you'll be needing it. You'll encounter people and temptations on your path that will make your willpower and resolutions tremble.

You can also be a source of great support right now for someone dear who's in hospital right now. Don't stop visiting them, it's important that you keep going.