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You love your partner dearly but you can't help feeling insecure. Many people will say that if you feel you're losing trust, it's because you're not really in love. But you know what? Every relationship is different, Aquarians.

And as far as your heart is concerned, there's no stranger, least understood thing than yours. Despite feeling love and being concerned about what happens with your partner, perhaps your self-love is what's going wrong here.

You can't stop your partner from cheating or replacing you for someone else, but what you can actually do is give your beloved all the love they need so that they don't feel like sending their attention somewhere else.

Instead of complaining, get moving, show your inner shine, and your beloved will never want to leave you.


The stars demand you to go slow and avoid taking huge leaps. Be very careful about your next move and there'll be nothing to fear. There's no shortcuts on the road to your ultimate goal, Aquarians!

No matter how tempting and suggestive it is to skip some papers, or even breaking laws, this will bring negative consequences into your life sooner or later.

Today can be a great day to get informed about the paperwork you need to handle and hand in tomorrow so that you don't always rush your way through.

There might be some steps in the procedure you're not at all sure about which could make you lose money if you aren't careful, Aquarians.

Hire an advisor if this is too much for you to bear, but you can't expect to turn away from problems and think that they'll get sorted out on their own, because that won't be the case.


You need to go back to that wonderful balance from days ago. It's hard not to fall back into old habits... the struggle is real!

Give yourselves some trust and step back to the moment you got lost. You're always on time to do the right thing.

Treat yourselves nicely, because you're also human; you make mistakes and you deserve kind words anyway. And if you don't start by telling yourselves those kind words, it'll be really hard for others to do so.