Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You feel restless about thinking whether you can move in together with that person about whom you don't really know much. You feel everything's smooth sailing, but it's not like you to make such rushed, light-hearted decisions.

Then, what's the hurry? Analyse the real reasons why that person wants to live with you. Is it love or just interest? Even if you're interested in sharing expenses as well, they might not be the best to start a life together.

At a first glance, the stars recommend you to be sort of skeptical about it and to ask as many questions as needed to investigate about their real reasons; you could find something nasty in there.


Believing that things will go well is essential; otherwise, we'd never try anything. On the other hand, taking the happening of certain things for granted without really having solid evidence for it will make you soft and neglectful.

Don't be negative nor positive, Aquarians. Make neutral progress, trust data and believe that you're doing your best. That's the foolproof recipe for success, knowing how to use our emotions to make them work for you. That's the only way to awaken true intuition.

Know yourselves and be honest about the amount of work you can take, Aquarians. You think you can do more than what you actually can. This is a mistake, because the company sets certain performance expectations you're not going to reach, and that's going to make both of you look bad.


One of the inescapable obstacles you face when taking on a diet is the little to no sugar allowed. As Aquarians, you love sweet flavours, and you suffer greatly when you have nothing sweet around to eat.

Because fruit has a sweet, pleasant taste, it makes a low-calorie diet easier. Our recommendation is that you try all sorts of fruits to get different nutritional boosts.

A good choice is to eat half a grapefruit before every main meal. This way you'll make your belly burn fat faster. Also, you'll get a boost in your vitamin C and water intake.