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Aquarius Daily Prediction for 25 September

Tuesday's Aquarius Forecast
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You tend not to be too clear about what you want. But you're running the risk of losing the person you need so much in your life because you aren't fully open about what you want.

Without needing to argue your way through this or using up too much energy, you should gradually open yourselves to this blossoming romance.

An advice for Aquarians from the Magic Horoscope is to burn myrrh incense. It'll help you connect with your heart and your emotional needs.

Don't bear with what you think is unconceivable. You're destroying your self-love. Do you think that's really worth it? That person will leave your life sooner or later.

By the time that happens, the Magic Horoscope encourages you to ask yourselves this: after they're gone, do you want them to leave behind a dry desert or a seductive field for someone new?


Take care of your wallet, because a hole also known as "fashions" could make money fade away. Compulsive, unnecessary shopping leaves you with a pretty nasty sense of remorse.

Control your sensuality or your endless longing for luxury and pleasures, which will be running high. That desire to go to a spa, a gym or expensive restaurants are the consequence of Venus' influence.

On the other hand, this same influence will give you a charming personality around the office, which is always good. And also when trying to find a new job. Use the gifts from the planet of love instead of letting go with the flaws it brings upon you.


Your tongue speaks more than you think: there you can see some signs of your body's current status. Did you know that its colour can reveal a lack of vitamins or the presence of infectious agents? The perfect colour should be hot pink. If that isn't the case, you should visit your doctor.

Finally, take better care of your tongue's hygiene by brushing it from the root to the tip, Aquarians.


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