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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Sunday

Find out Your Aquarius Horoscope for Today, 26th August
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You feel your heart skip a beat every time that person walks by. It may be a shared friend with whom you'd like to have a proper conversation.

Would you like to get to know them a bit better? Then come closer, Aquarians, they don't bite! You think that it should always be everyone else taking steps to look for you, but the universe wants to give you the chance to be more proactive. Make things happen.

No one says that this will be the start of a love story, but you two will definitely have a lot in common. Sometimes the feeling of attraction is nothing but an excuse to start talking to whomever has an important truth to share.


Seconds add up to make minutes, hours add up to make days, and before you know it, a whole year is gone!

Minor distractions, as innocent as they may seem, take you to a whole new dimension. A world where entertainment takes your full attention. And while that's going on, what's going to happen to your tasks?

It's essential that you forget about your tasks from time to time, but if you want to progress through your goals, you'll have to set proper boundaries to your time off. And you should be particularly disciplined about whatever you impose on yourselves.

The money you've invested will be more than returned to you today. Put it all away into your savings account, because you'll need it. Still, you should put enough of it into your wallet so that you can give yourselves a small treat, Aquarians.


You like to keep yourselves fit and in shape, but sometimes, you can't help it if someone encourages you to taste that calorie-filled cocktail, or that delicious dessert with a big dollop of whipped cream on top...

No one wants to break your willpower, Aquarians. This isn't a conspiracy to make you gain weight!

If you really feel like having it, give in to your whim! It's okay to do it just once. In the end, we're nothing but bones inside a wooden box, so you should enjoy the small pleasures of life. The energy they give you could be a booster to train more and harder the next day.