Aquarius Forecast for November 26

Prediction for Monday
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Your heart's beating strong and bouncing up and down all day! It's not a surprise, because every time you see that person, you lose your mind and stop being the rational, logic Aquarians that you are... Oh, dear.

The more you deny it, the worse it will be for you. Face your feelings and dare to experience them. Or at least, let the other person know you're around. There's nothing to lose!

The stars suggest that the best way to get closer will be to get inspired. You like the colour of their T-shirt or their hairstyle? Tell them in the original way only Aquarians do. At least you'll make them smile.


Feeling apathetic about work at some point is unavoidable. And unfortunately you'll feel really demotivated... On the worst day it could happen! But what can you do about it?

Don't blame yourselves or feel frustrated, Aquarians. In a way, it's understandable that you go through this shady period. Saturn doesn't have a good connection with Mercury and this is why you can't feel anything stimulating you.

Everything will be fine, but before letting the day go by without making the most of it, try to get distracted enough as to feel like working again. It's one of your best available strategies when you're bored out to the max. A change of activity usually works wonders!


Try not to stray away from your set path too much. Otherwise, you'll be invaded by a feeling of restlessness which could easily turn into a serious depression with little treatment available.

You need a motivating life. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can go on with just anything. Fight for your dreams, because not only your financial stability, but also your personal happiness, depend on it.

You should remember that across this tough process, it's important to fall down every now and then, but it's absolutely necessary to get up again. You're not alone in this process, Aquarians. Ask for help, your beloved ones hate to see you suffer. But you need to share what's going on.