Aquarius Prediction for 26 October

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Sinking into a spiral of pain will be actually good for you, because you're at a stage where you feel strong and confident enough to get to the bottom of yourselves.

Accept and embrace certain events which can be hard to deal with and you'll have taken a huge step into forgiveness. Only by forgiving is how you'll manage to make progress and do the walk of life, without tying down your thoughts to any previous unpleasant events from your life.


People might try to make you feel you're less worthy because you don't know about a certain topic. This is especially annoying to you, and it might even make you think, depending on where you're standing life-wise, about whether you should retake any sort of training or not.

Before you jump into studying without assessing how much you actually need whatever knowledge you can get, you should consider that we're all ignorant about something in the end. Time's a finite entity, you can't learn everything from institutions.

The problem isn't that you might be ignorant; the problem is being indifferent. Don't be like the rest of them, Aquarians; it's something you've always been fighting for. Show some interest in increasing your fields of expertise.

This doesn't mean that you should waste ludicrous amounts of money into training. There's a whole business around education, and people tricking those who really appreciate learning. What's the solution, then? Teach yourselves!

You might get laughed at because you don't know about things, but if you pay attention and do some research on that unknown topic (even if it's just some basic knowledge), that will have become a day to be a little less ignorant.

The utopia of knowledge never ceases to be out of reach, but it sets a nice path worth following. Do some research and grow as a person to make abundance always call upon your door.


Today you're in for overwhelming vitality. You're finally recovering after an illness, and your healing will be complete. You'll come out stronger and more balanced from this experience, Aquarians.

Follow the doctor's orders so that your future evolution stays on the right track.