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Aquarius Prediction for 26 September

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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You have the full power of a bright mind, and you know how to make it work for your relationship. Your partner's fascinated with your mind! They let you know about it quite often. Needless to say, you love the recognition they give you.

It's that same capacity what allows you to be so successful when you're single. You go from one heart to another, harvesting sighs of desire as you go...

But you might be missing out a worthy opponent, someone who can keep up with your train of thought. Your partner brings you harmony, but sometimes they do make you a little bored. You're longing for mental challenges over anything else.

Our star advice is to work on your humility. Nothing will ever seem enough until you give up on your attitude of making people please you.

Only then, you might be able to start listening to the truth among the crowd and finding an interesting conversation to share.


Even if you're perfect at doing everything at work, you can't forget about the "subtle components" of it. Is your relationship to your colleagues good? You need to find support on them; otherwise, you won't be able to go any further.

To get out of your financial standstill, you need to get rid of some ideas and concepts that aren't letting you connect with abundance. It would be quite a good idea to get advice when it's something you've always stood away from, Aquarians.

Besides, you should clean up around the house. You need to make some room to promote the influx of material goods.


You're usually marvelled at your thoughts and that stops you from caring for your human side. Are your sex needs satisfied? If the energy of the body gets stuck, there can be strange illnesses afterwards.

Not having a partner doesn't stop you from having a sex life of your own. Sex-induced pleasure alone is also greatly beneficial. Orgasms give you an extra dose of oxitocine, the hormone of happiness.

Another benefit of this is that you'll get to know yourselves better and you'll get better sensations when you're sharing your intimacy in the near future.

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