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Aquarius Forecast for Monday 27th August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



After a stage of romantic lack of desire, the planet transition for Aquarians will bring out your inner princes and princesses.

But watch out, that sudden need to share your feelings could drive you to end up with the wrong person if you're single.

Your partner will be sort of puzzled about your new attitude. That willingness to get together and be romantic is unusual in you, but they'll soon recover and fulfill your romantic needs.

Watch out and don't be too much of a tyrant with your whims. Otherwise, you'll soon get bored in the relationship! Today, your whimsical side is definitely bound to come out, Aquarians.


What you thought was a job with some future projection is suddenly slipping through your fingers. You've reached a dead end in your career.

It's quite said, but sometimes these things happen. You're okay to feel sad, you've got reasons for it, but don't let this disappointment take center stage in your life.

It's time to go through the rough patch of going job-hunting again. But you should also feel that there's something inside you dying to experience new things. You still can't feel it, but this feeling is on its way.

Aquarians, you can handle anything that the future throws at you, and the universe likes that. It will reward you for your great willpower, and bring you a much better job than the last. Keep believing.


Your week starts off by feeling fever crawl up your throat all the way to your head, and sadly that's what will force you to cancel all plans. You hadn't seen that coming and now you don't really know what to do about your schedule.

Next time around make some free room just in case. It's the way your body rebels against all the pressure you put into it!

You'll make this feeling fade by drinking orange juice, stews and, especially, resting at home. You'll feel better tomorrow, Aquarians.