Aquarius Forecast for October 27

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Venus retrograde will bring some dark shades into your relationships, Aquarians. You're entering a stage where you start looking behind to pick up lost pieces from your past, while remaining at a distant perspective.

You analyse previous situations and you might reach the conclusion that they weren't so bad after all. The lack of experience back then stopped you from taking the relationship to the level you'd have wanted to. With what you know now, things would be quite different!

Admitting that you didn't know what you were doing is a way to forgive yourselves. Still, once you know what to do, you shouldn't go back to making the same mistakes.

Negative ideas will flush down the drain, and you'll start to notice the arrival of highly motivated individuals who want to experience bliss by your side. Open up your arms and get ready to love from a completely mature point of view with unparalleled honesty, Aquarians.


How much do you think your work and creativity are worth? Do you find it hard to set a price to your talent? Do you appreciate what you do, or do you need others to appreciate you to feel more confident?

All of these questions are relevant to you and your finances in this stage of introspection. As soon as you find answers to them, you'll be treading on a steadier, more productive path.

If you're well aware of what your worth is, you'll demand the price you deserve; you're not begging or stealing from anyone, Aquarians. That's why it's so important for you to examine yourselves closely today.


Your stomach will be quite sensitive to whatever food you choose to eat. Bowel movements are weakening the functions of your digestive system and tract. Be very careful with negative emotions, because they'd just make things worse.

Aside from controlling your emotions, it might be a good idea to eat light and avoid snacking.

Keeping a regular pattern with meals makes digestion easier. By taking care of your body, you minimise the impact of emotions over it.