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Aquarius Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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You're in a good financial situation, and that helps your relationships. It certainly isn't the same to be able to make plans with full pockets! But you might lose a bit of your ability to be affectionate in the process.

Gifts should never be a replacement for time spent together, gentle strokes or deep conversations. Material goods should be used to prove your love, not to skip the important component of affection. No one likes to feel like someone's buying their love.

Our star advice is not to use the gift trick too often. Hold it back for special moments. Otherwise, it might look like you're trying to escape responsibilities, and you might be demanded at some point to give those gifts you used to share so selflessly before.

People get quickly used to what's good...


Are you effective at doing your job but it's too much of a routine? Hit your creativity into the mix! Otherwise, you'll be slowly killing your spirit, Aquarians.

You could noticeably increase your income if you decided to take a plunge into intellectual projects. Trust your much neglected great capacities. If you don't get closer to those doors, they'll never open to you.

If you're looking for a new job, uncertainty will soon end. You'll get a notification to do an interview. Keep your phone on and going.

Gambling is an alternative to making money spontaneously. Planets will favour these sorts of activities.


You feel okay about your emotions and life habits, but perhaps your head is what's being most troublesome right now.

You have thoughts you can't get off your mind and they're getting annoying; you're obsessed about things that take you nowhere... What can you do about it?

Find your friends and loved ones. You need company. Positive distractions. You've been deeply dwelling on your own issues, Aquarians, but today you'll have to get a spot in your schedule for significant conversations.


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