Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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At the beginning stages of your relationship, you'll find yourselves quite comfortable and excited about that person. That's okay, you don't usually go down the wrong road. Deep in your heart you know you did well. You're made for each other!

Still, the stars can tell not everything will be a bed of roses. The main issue that is bound to bring more arguments between you is a lack of free time.

If you're strong and persevere into your relationship, sooner or later one of you will be able to reschedule for the sake of the relationship. But that'll be later on, when you've been together for a while. Meanwhile, it's time to use the little time you've got together.


You're too demanding to yourselves and then things happen, and you get burnt. You're seriously considering finding a less demanding job, but when are you really going to start searching, Aquarians?

Being realistic, you love getting the money you're earning now and it'll be quite hard to give it up for some extra free time. This year, Aquarians will be real fighters when it comes to their careers.

What solutions do you have at hand? The stars are clear: it's time to have a serious chat with your manager and demand a better distribution of tasks.

There's tasks you're doing that are really not that specifically tailored to your job, and someone else could be doing them...


This Tuesday you can leave work and go straight up for a drink with your colleagues. If it turns out you're sharing a meal too, watch out, because the foul cosmic state of planets points out that there's poisoning about to happen.

From that moment on, try to eat homemade meals more often. Street food is made in sort of weird ways and you're actually neglecting your body from getting essential nutrients. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, Aquarians.