Aquarius Horoscope for 28 October

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Enough is enough, no more abuse. It's time to stop going too far. If you're annoyed by that behaviour, there's no excuse for doing things "meaning well" or in a socially accepted way. Just say no, Aquarians!

On the other hand, you should make sure that the person you're getting to know likes your attention. It might be slightly overwhelming, which increases the chances of a break-up.

The vibrations of clashing planets will create a day to disagree, but it won't be absolutely impossible to deal with it! Show some empathy and you'll see that there's more similarities than differences to be had.


Being you isn't easy at all... Perhaps an average person is just fine with working on anything they can making some money for the rest of their life. But your talent and needs will soon lead you into a positive crisis.

And it's positive because it'll be like the thunder shaking and breaking what stops us from moving on. You'll realise that you can't make any progress where you're living now. There's no chances for your kind of wits.

Having the skills you have is a blessing for which you have to start being responsible. While you keep wasting time in the wrong place, as years go by it'll be increasingly harder to take that professional twist you're in such need of.


With so much to do in life, you're pretty interested about enjoying some quality retirement. As the Aquarians you are, you can't deceit yourselves and you accepted the idea that you'll eventually leave Earth. But let that happen at your best!

The advice from the stars isn't too strange, really: eat healthy, do some exercise, drink in moderation, smoke as little as possible and stay on a healthy weight.

With some planning and willpower, it won't be hard at all for you to lead a perfect lifestyle.

If you add intimate, long-lasting personal relationships into the mix, there's your recipe for perfect health. Now you see that there's nothing out of the ordinary; you just have to use common sense.