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Aquarius Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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Something that will leave you breathless will burst into your life like a storm. Time will fly by! That so far unknown burning enthusiasm will make those risky plans defy the odds and turn out fine.

On this loving Friday, Venus will want you to have fun and to keep a permanent mark on your heart next to your beloved, no matter how many years go by!

Our star advice is to have a good breakfast, because all this adrenaline and those emotions might be tiresome. You should also check your car, because it might leave you in a pinch and that'd ruin your date, Aquarians.


People consider you efficient and hard-working individuals. Besides, your brilliant and slightly sour sense of humour makes everyone at the company love you. Charisma has the gift of making what you said look like a joke, which would sound like an insult coming from anyone else!

That's why your next fated stage is coming. Being too comfortable in one place means it's time to find new challenges. It's time to get risky.

As the mentally restless individuals that you are, don't follow the rules any longer. Break them away!

If you don't feel like changing jobs, find new goals to reach within your current job and improvements that might stimulate you. Be ambitious and think big, Aquarians.


All this consumerism is harming your health. Consuming products full of empty calories you don't need, or supposedly miraculous supplements that ruin your liver.

You also need to control what contents get into your mind. Even if you think you can handle everything and you've got a proverbial mental openness, do you really need to poison yourselves with violence and death? They'll leave an unconscious imprint on your mind.

Feed your mind by using creativity, and you'll naturally reach an organic sense of stability that'll get you ready to live happy days. Your star influence has the following message for you: less is more.

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