Aquarius Magic Horoscope for October 29

Daily Prediction for Monday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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You're at a stage where calm and peace are the norm. You're not diving headfirst into drama, as you would have in the past. If a partner tries to drag you down into their negative state, you'll be lucky enough to escape.

This is an attitude which will clearly rile up your partner, but if you stay firm and act with conviction and decision, soon that person will see there's nothing they can do about you, and they'll calm down!

Emotional outbursts in adults are like children's temper tantrums. There's always some exaggeration so that whoever's watching panics and gets ready to resort to whims. It's all sheer emotional blackmail, Aquarians!


You reach a new way of thinking and making your mind be reborn, and this will allow you to see chances where you used to see nothing but obstacles and barriers. Is it a good idea to start on that risky project? The stars are definitely saying yes!

You'll be closer to carrying out that utopia-like project where your creativity will unfold to its fullest. That's why you can't stop for a minute. Being inactive is your greatest enemy, Aquarians.

There's a myriad of actions you'll have to specify before you can progress, both in training and at work. Our star advice is that you shouldn't ever stop fighting.


Monday's a day for new goals and there's no better choice for your health but to visit your doctor. It's been too long since you last got a check-up, Aquarians. Is your body as fine as it should be?

There's always room for improvement, and in order to face drawbacks, it's essential to keep your body in scheduled, constant maintenance.

Pay attention to your feelings, and if you get the feeling that you've been getting by with minor pain or discomfort for too long, you can go ahead and ask for an appointment with an expert.