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When it comes to love, you don't ask for huge displays of affection or demonstrations of crazy, passionate love. You think that with your short list of requirements, it should be easy to find what you want, but the truth is that it isn't. It's been too long since you became single, Aquarians!

There'll be winds of change in your life once you choose to have a more decisive attitude. You might want certain things, but have you even cared to show them openly?

You should prove you're not the typical dating site user and try to meet people the way it's always been done, around your daily environment. There's someone out there waiting for you, but because of your dispersed attention, you haven't even noticed!


You're at a stage where you can feel greatly influenced by your environment. You're trying to go one way, but it seems that your loved ones are trying to make you go the other. This keeps you at a permanent standstill.

The more you think about it, the harder it gets. Break your ties with fake dilemmas today, right now. Not everything you're advised to do is good for you, and if your friends' lives don't match what they proclaim to be true and better, why should you even listen?

You'll feel tempted to lie to get that job you're so desperately trying out for. Don't. You might be missing out on a real chance for learning just because you pretend to have certain knowledge that will make you look bad sooner than later.


How's your recent relationship with lying going? Although your health is just fine, dishonesty is clouding your life and stopping you from enjoying and appreciating all the beautiful moments you'd like to.

When we lie, we create an image of something unreal in our minds, and that's what keeps us away from reality. Oftentimes, that's precisely the effect: creating a new, painless, consequence-free reality.

A new reality should be created from integrity: thoughts, emotions, words, actions... if that chain is cut off by lies, we create a shade that flies us away from our dreamy paradise. Let your voice show your true heart, Aquarians.

You're normally a big fan of truth, but it's also true that this influence from Neptune is a bad role model for your already expansive imagination. Try to keep it at bay, Aquarians.