Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



After much consideration on your part, it's time to take the plunge. That person is as patient as a saint, but they need to see an answer from you. Their mood might have a bit of a drop, and this is understandable. Imagine if you had to go through the same thing!

If you're annoyed about the typical words of love and romance, the "I love you" everyone uses, express that blossoming love from your insides with every gentle stroke, every glance, your whole being! Make it real.

Enjoy the presence of that other person who also enjoys your company, and leave any other thoughts aside, because you won't regret it, Aquarians.


Many of you will take up "alternative" studies, according to the current state of the universe. Such as astrology, for example! In fact it's a great way to channel this energy, because Uranus rules the art of planet reading, among other areas.

That way, you'll also find that all jobs and professions related to electricity and electronics get something good out of it. These two fields of expertise are also ruled by Uranus.

You might even be attracted, more than your usual, towards some sort of innovating, radical solution; a new way to face social issues.

Still, the current weather is dangerous to go on long journeys, because you might get involved in sudden, unexpected events, such as accidents with physical collateral damage, so you should invest your money elsewhere, Aquarians.


Your vitality is in a steady situation. Whether for better or worse, you won't get any news from your body.

Avoiding excess and following the healthy habits that have always given you good results is your wisest choice.

You might be better off drinking more water. Remember that your body's made up of a great proportion of it, which makes sure your body works at its best, Aquarians.