Aquarius Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

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You have the feeling your partner's too jealous, and there's reasons for that... Today they'll make one of those scenes you hate so much. Sometimes you wonder why did you even choose someone so controlling in the first place!

Aquarius, unless you take in and assume you're possessive too, even if you try to pretend you're the opposite, life will insist on putting these situations on your path over and over again.

If you want to do something for yourselves, admit these annoying feelings. Not saying out loud you're jealous doesn't make you overcome those negative emotions. Do the opposite, admit it openly, and you'll see the monster of jealousy flying away!


The gathering of Uranus and Mercury will stimulate your financial creativity. With a wallet full of cash, you feel like getting something nice to make your day brighter. Why not? Go get it! Giving in to that activity will make you incredibly joyful.

Someone might ask for your advice because of your good taste. Advise them to buy what they really want instead of what others expect them to. That's why they come see you, because they know you're a free thinker.

But going on a shopping spree won't be all you'll do today. Having a small evening meet-up will help you have a wholesome day, the kind of unexpected good days you like so much. You'll fill your home with the best of environments. And everyone will be charmed by your sense of style!


If you're kind of down in the dumps, the stars encourage you to change up your routine a little. This will bring your energy back right away. It'll pump up your neurons!

Use paint, get artsy, stain your clothes. Dress in bright colours. Dare to make colour matches you wouldn't ever think of wearing.

Draw or print a mandala and paint it with whatever colours you feel like using. This will help you to know yourselves a little better, Aquarians.