Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Thursday will make your heart spin all around. On the one hand you'll want hugs and kisses, but on the other, you'll prefer to have some wild sex instead of great solemn gestures and displays of affection! You won't be feeling very romantic...

It's just that you want, or rather need, to experience strong sensations. If you have a partner, be clear and tell them how you feel. It's quite likely that the other person wants to spice things up as well!

The stars predict that single Aquarians will have a reunion. There might have been a hot and steamy love story between you, but now the fire's all out. So what? That doesn't mean you can't have fun...


Use your outgoing personality to make yourself visible. At your company, being outgoing is highly appreciated. If you notice, all your managers have considerable charisma.

The fact that your colleagues and clients speak well about you is essential for you to be promoted. Your good performance also counts, but let's say that it accounts for around 60% of your performance. The remaining 40% is based on your handling of emotions.

Therefore, you need to use all your emotional intelligence, aside from doing your job well, especially more so if you're working with the public.

Instead of the issue itself, the client's satisfaction can sometimes depend on how good you are at calming people down and making their perspective change. Get them to see the good side of situations!


Living in a society full of neurotic individuals isn't easy,especially if they're sharing the house with you!

But you need to make it really clear that you don't have the same issues as them! Those who try to get you involved into their crazy issues will come to meet a brick wall.

The secret to avoid being led through by the problems of others is to keep your values and how you present yourselves to the world strong and steady. You should have a perspective of your own. It's completely useless to try reasoning with someone who's out of their mind.

The Magic Horoscope can tell that Aquarians' top three weapons against drama are the following: answering with affection, seeing the absurd side of things and your great sense of humour.