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Asking for advice might come at a high price. Are you asking someone you trust about it? Otherwise, there might be dark intentions lurking behind, and their main goal might not exactly be making you happy.

You need to get that relationship issue sorted out with your partner alone. There should be no other people involved. All you'll do if you bring more people in is make matters worse.

Also, be sure your opinion on a friend's partner isn't too wild. Even if they're going through a rough patch, it's not a strange thing to see them making up... And where will you stand after the horrible things you said?

If you're single Aquarians, you should stay away from social networks for a while as far as seduction is concerned. This method is the least appropriate considering your long-term goals of making a relationship go beyond a mere sexual adventure.


It's quite usual to be encouraged to go "all the way" by your loved ones, that you can do everything you want as long as you're convinced of it... This might sound a tad childish, and it keeps you away from making good choices.

There's no victory in the horizon if you're not willing to be disappointed at some point. Choose your own adventure and get responsible for whatever happens. Not choosing is what might be making you stuck right now, Aquarians.

It's time to quit your self-imposed exile, and to face life as it is. Saturn has been keeping you cast away in the shade, but as long as you keep that attitude up, you'll feel stuck in place. Avoid this feeling as soon as it shows up.

Aquarius is the sign of progress. As its natives, you were born on this Earth to evolve, to be on a constant process of self-acknowledgement.


You can't help melancholy from taking over you? As evening falls and night draws nearer, your mood becomes sullen and low and you don't really know why...

Saturn is a tense planet right now over your birth chart, and it'll convey that mood over you. Now that you know this, stop overthinking! It's something temporary that will fade away quickly, so don't pay any attention to it.

Socialise and get your mind off things by creating relationships with others. What's happening to you is not as strange as people try to make us believe from the perspective of the so-called "positive psychology".

The lowering of our mood as sunlight fades away is a completely standard phenomenon, and as such, it must be respected.