Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A fairly recent emotional wound is stopping you from expanding your vision and going further into love affairs and issues. A part of you wants to find a partner again, but on the other hand, you're afraid of getting hurt once more.

In fact, right now you're getting to know someone and there's obviously chemistry between you... You're starting to believe they want something else from you. You still can't find out what you feel.

You should know that your pain hasn't been around for nothing. You can't be afraid about a situation you've been through before. Why do you think it'll happen again? Sometimes once isn't enough, but you're ready to take it anyway.


Always expect the best from your employees, Aquarians. It's no use to make them scared; they won't want to develop their full potential if they know they always depend on doing things the way you want them to.

You can allow yourselves to be surprised by their skills. It's quite likely that the minds that think differently to what you're thinking will give solutions you didn't even consider.

If you're aware of how uncapable your workers are, that's when you should point out how you want the job done and set exact guidelines!

Every person is unique. Never mistake a good professional able to bring ideas and solutions into the company for your average Joe or Jane. Adapt to your employees' personalities.


That illness you're going through isn't so terrible, no matter if you think your life's hanging from a thread. Many people can face the worst of adversities with just half of your current resources. It's tough to hear, but it might be useful enough to open your eyes.

Whenever you think of the worst case scenario, you make the problem bigger and bigger in your mind, and that's how you create a negative layer around it that stops you from taking the right focus.

No matter where you look, you'll find supporting glances and words, affection galore. There's people who love you! You're not alone, find support in them. They'll be the ones to bring back your perspective.