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Aquarius Daily Prediction for September 30

Sunday's Aquarius Forecast
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Stop overthinking about the other person's real intentions. Do they make you enjoy your time and have fun? That's all that matters. The present is the only thing you've got around to savour. Enjoy!

Right now you're not too interested in a relationship, so this person's perfect to enjoy life to the fullest very easily. They're someone who really wants to make things easy for you.

You might be shot through the heart by Cupid's arrow from someone you would have never expected. That's not the kind of person that usually attracts you, but there's something magical about them that'll just melt your body to the core. Don't think about it any longer and give in to passion.


Today you'll be really lucky if you follow your intuition and avoid getting isolated from the world. Show your intentions to others. At work, everyone will be ready to help you around.

Get the feeling of indecisiveness away from your mind. If you've wanted to start up a project for a while, today's your best day. You'll find signs and things around you that the stars will put in your way to make things easy. Listen to them!

Your bliss brings love into your life, but also material richness. Days can get easier if you have back-up at the bank, and that'll be your case.


You're fighting for your health right now and you'll get positive results; that's great! This is partly because your diagnosis will be better thanks to the good vibrations from the universe.

Mood-wise, you're willing to do anything you can to heal the illness, or to make it softer for you, in case it's permanent. There's still so much life to live!

That determination is also very useful, and it will make it easier for a relative of yours to get better. When they weaken, you'll be there to give them unconditional support.

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