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Aquarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 31st August

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The native Aquarian male polarity can make you a little stiff sometimes. Is that what love really needs?

Problems and disagreements of today will go hand in hand with your stiff attitude. The stars want you to be a bit gentler. Bring out your feminine energy, regardless of your gender.

Act creatively and transform the situations with which you don't agree, instead of isolating yourselves. Give yourselves fully into your environment. This is something you should also consider when interacting with family or friends.


Immediate profits are being held back and giving priority space to actions that will have consequences later on. Actions that will make your future selves richer! Taking up training courses, investing into a project, etc.

Your willingness will take an upward trend. Rather than wait for others to set any guidelines, you'll choose to make an intervention and act, although there's no immediate reward, as we've said.

You can do some paperwork that won't bring any rewards now, but as time goes by it will make you rich. Deep down you know you're doing the right thing, so don't think twice and act now.


Sometimes, our desire to eat is unavoidable and there's no other choice but to fill your belly. To do so in a healthy way and avoid weight from piling up, you can resort to certain tips and tricks.

Have nutrient-rich, low-cal, filling foods, such as apples, carrots or low-fat yoghurts. This way you'll avoid hypoglycemia, which is one of the causes for hunger pangs!

As soon as you feel like you must eat, you need to have a snack at the ready, even if you're following a weight loss diet. The discomfort induced by hunger is even worse than eating a low-cal meal, Aquarians.