Aquarius Prediction for 31 October

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The good connections between Mercury and Venus bring easy-going, polite individuals into your life; you'll even notice you're more open and outgoing these days. This will mean that there'll be unexpected meet-ups with people who are quite suitable to become good friends.

With these social situations that would have annoyed you at some other point in time because you didn't know how to handle yourselves, it'll be really easy for you to blend into new environments smoothly.

You have special charisma and an inclination towards art, and to surrounding yourselves with creative, original individuals. It wouldn't be too far off if you ended up at a museum or visiting an exhibit you actually hadn't considered.

Regarding love, you'll see the most creative side of your life partner, or that friend who writes you every day. You can be sure that you're in for quite a fun, entertaining day today.


Despite being so hard-working, you're usually kind of restless about the future; it's as if you needed to tie and settle everything down real good.

Even if your friends give you good times and you can enjoy the sweet side of life, it seems sort of meaningless if you have no goals or projects to fight for.

Avoid ignoring any longer that sign that tells you to try your luck at a new job. You're wasting time if you keep clinging to your "familiar evils". The responsibility is all up to you, so don't pretend that it's not about you.

Financially, you're not too worried. You've always preferred to know that you're using your time on something worth your while rather than how it is paid, because money always comes along eventually.


Emotional self-observation helps raise awareness in your conscience, so that you don't waste energy on what's not worth your time, and you can change old, thick mental habits.

When you think about why you feel the way you do, your body starts resetting; you could even get ill less often!

At night, right before bed, try to think about your emotional reactions, especially the negative ones, Aquarians. They're unavoidable, but if you practice this more, little by little you'll own yourselves even more.