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Aquarius Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday's Aquarius Forecast
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The fact that people talk behind your back is nothing new, Aquarians. Your relationship is always on target. Sometimes you're more sensitive to their words and get tired of always swimming against the current...


People love to criticise just because they can. Let them drown in their own negativity, because you've got a wonderful life ahead of you to enjoy.


If you're single, don't let the opinions of others paralyse you. The person you're thinking of is exactly what you need right now. If they don't like your date, that's their problem. Not yours! The stars approve.


Over time, the people that actually do matter will embrace and accept whoever you choose to bring into your life.



You need to look inside you to get back on track and remember who you are. Other people's tainted influence makes you stop believing in yourselves. Don't let that happen!


Confidence and doing what you're good at will get you back on the path to success. It's bad business to change jobs, in this case because someone else suggested it.


You need to keep progressing within your career and forget about other distractions. What's the point in starting a career where you're better paid if that's not what you want to do? Follow your heart's desires even if you have to start from the very bottom.


Luck will bless you financially and it will help you come across quite interesting offers in the items you need the most.



Being too strict is bad for your health too! We mistake health for leading a boring, restricted life, and in the end what counts is all the time we spent in great bliss.


As long as excess is assessed, you can let yourselves enjoy a feast from time to time. But, when you do it, be refined and surround yourselves with your loved ones.

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