Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll make a mistake your partner will forgive. It's wonderful that you managed to find someone like that. A redemption-prone Venus will bring indulgence into whatever mistake you make. Your partner knows there's no ill will behind it.

Be thankful not only through words, but also through gestures that reach the bottom of their heart. Second chances are always a reason to celebrate. Don't run short of honest appreciation, Aquarians.

For our single Aquarian friends, there's more people out there who want a steady romance with someone emotionally mature, just like you, so don't give up just yet. But they won't show up unless you start showing how willing and ready you are to make a solid life happen.


If you have free time, the stars have bad news for you. Your job or whatever profession pays your bills will require you to do extra in your free time as well.

It'll be a needed effort, so work your best, Aquarians. Change your attitude so that time just flies by. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish.

Making money from your own home would be perfect, but this isn't a solution that'll drop from heaven... Still, now's the time when you have chances to find interesting information on the Internet, if you focus your thoughts and efforts into it.


Always favour happiness, no matter how bad your day was, and it will soon become a habit. Your smile will encourage other people to come closer quickly, and what started as a forced gesture will soon become an honest laugh.

There's life beyond your duties. Even if you think you're close to your goal, you can't start being happy once you've got it all, because you're tricking yourselves. Start being happy from today, Aquarians.

Share some quality time with friends and family. Force yourselves into it if needed! Time keeps flying by and your emotional health will pay the price if you keep spending more and more time with your partner only.