Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Love is a much less serious business than you think. Now that you're finally putting all efforts into your partner, it seems like they are more distant than usual. Well, they certainly aren't making up their mind!

They do love you, Aquarians, but too much attention can bring unwanted consequences and effects sometimes. Give a chance to your partner and let them come looking for you or plan something just for the two of you.

Our star advice is to laugh at yourselves a little more. You'll see that people aren't as evil as you initially thought. If you laugh, everyone will laugh, and you'll be making your relationship environment better.

If you're getting to know someone, now's the time to stay away and get distant! That way you'll get to see if the other person is actually interested in getting to know you, or if they're just playing games, Aquarians.


If you're scared about being sacked because of staff cuts, the stars can assure you that you are safe and protected. Right now, it's a very important job for you, and your concerns are perfectly normal in such a situation.

It's okay to feel sort of down in the dumps sometimes about your performance, and your managers understand that. Try to focus your mind, because that's your only obstacle right now.

It seems that anything that has to do with young people will bring you great profits this month. If you're thinking about applying for such a job, don't think twice and send your CV right now!


Sports and cheerful activities will bring great vibrations into your life. You'll get a chance to start a new routine at the gym, because the stars will give you an overwhelming inner strength.

If you're going through mild discomfort or a minor illness, sweating is what will allow you to heal your body and come out on top stronger and more powerful, Aquarians.