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Aquarius Prediction for 5 December

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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A foul combination between Mercury and Mars will bring situations where you'll constantly be nagged at because of some negative areas of your personality.


A relationship should be a mirror for your best virtues and yes, also your flaws. But it's one thing to point out the things where you still make some minor mistakes, and it's a completely different situation if it becomes your worst enemy.


You're wonderful and have many talents and qualities. Don't get mad just because people tell you what they actually think about themselves. It's their discomfort what makes them say what you didn't want to hear!


Single Aquarians, you'll do great if you stay on your own for a while. This reflection stage will be very fruitful, because you'll reach a sense of inner peace that you'll be able to bring into your next relationships.



Staying inactive and letting things happen naturally is not the smartest of strategies. Mars and Mercury will clash against one another and you'll be torn between thinking and acting.


Let your energy flow as it should in every occasion. Don't be too reflective nor too impulsive, Aquarians.


This transition will favour the finances of Aquarians who work in more intellectual areas, because they'll find that their ideas become bolder than they usually are. A sense of danger is good for you, and this is because Mars will make you more passionate.


You'll get training at your company or get informed about some quality content that you'll be able to use to perform better at work. Being proactive and willing to improve just because you can do it will make you stand out above the crowd.



You'll overcome your illness and get better when you learn to trust your doctors or act nicer around the person who's taking care of you. Let your loved ones help you. If you stop them from helping out to heal you, it'll take you twice as long.


If you're watching elders, don't forget to tend to your own needs. Taking care of an elder becomes real heavy work sometimes, and it takes time off of you to rest and relax. You should find it any way you can.

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