Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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With a waning moon over Libra, no matter how much you get away because you need more alone time, in some way you'll still feel connected to the people you care about the most. Texts and calls will go on all day, without them being an annoyance at all.

They say that the past always comes back to haunt us, and with this moon on the skies it wouldn't be a surprise if an ex of yours showed up. Regardless of your current relationship status, it might be time to start one of the most complete friendships you've ever had with a person who used to be so important to you.

If you're single, the stars will want you to pay attention to someone with whom you shared some of your childhood. An old playmate that has moved to your town, perhaps... Sparks will fly right away on the reunion.


If you've been out of work for a long time, the stars predict that you'll soon come back to your job. It's also possible that an old workmate will come back too. You'll be happy to see them again!

Have you given any thought to your pension scheme? It's a boring issue for you, but you should remember that you're not gonna be forever young, Aquarians. With finances being the way they are now, you should show more concern about your future income source.

Don't be too sad if your lease contract suddenly expires and you're forced to find a new home; you'll find a place much closer to work at a very affordable price!


Falling prey to temptation and going away from a healthy track can happen to anyone, Aquarians. Stop thinking about it and avoid getting obsessed about what happened. That frustration just keeps driving you further away from your goals. Embrace the facts.

Next time you have a whim, go ahead and enjoy it! But always remember to control the amount of food you eat. Don't live with the fear of prohibitions, you can eat everything you want as long as you keep your servings sensible.

In other news, your physical status is at its best. You've made great progress since you made yourself a promise of change. Today could be the day to think about everything you've done well. Acknowledge your efforts and get yourselves a treat, why not?