Aquarius Daily Prediction for 5 October

Friday's Aquarius Forecast
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Your feelings won't be too much trouble today, because your heart is feeling an endless sense of calmness. Enjoy this harmonious day in your love life, Aquarians, because you deserve it.

You'll perfectly be able to combine your personal relationships with family life, and you'll know when to give time to whom. It's something hard to handle, but you're very well aware that there's no piece of your heart that should be neglected.

If you're single, you'll have many people around anyway to whom you can give some love. Your friends and family take up a very important portion of your life; today you'll prove them that's the case.


Your self-discipline and strong character aren't innate in you, Aquarians, but thanks to your goals and values, you've somehow managed to emerge victorious in these areas.

Don't give in; be yourselves but act the way you should, always being responsible and from your own set of values and goals, Aquarians.

No matter your age, you're at a time when you feel calmer and you know what you want and what you don't want professionally speaking. Stay on that track, because the stars have an unparalleled fortune awaiting you.


An inner sense of rebirth, both physical and spiritual, is waiting for you today and in the next few days. Planet transitions will be in your favour and you will cleanse your life and get rid of everything superfluous and unnecessary.

It's time to explore and expand through paths that are less traveled. Or at least unknown to the environment you've been raised in.

Meditation, conscious muscle work or even going to a psychologist are actions that will influence both your mental and physical health, and for which you feel very ready right now, Aquarians.