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Aquarius Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Someone highly sensitive and intuitive will appear in your life, and they'll represent something important for you. It's a good day for feelings; you'll feel like you're being understood even in the blurriest of thoughts, and they'll even help you set ideas clear.


All this emotion will seem shocking to you, but they'll help you to open up to your heart's treasures, Aquarians. You've tried to hide away behind an armour of emotions for a long time, and now it's too tight and small...



It'll be a productive, fruitful day to sort out your issues. A protective lady will help you out. You need to trust yourselves and have a more intuitive focus when searching for new alternatives; this mysterious lady will definitely know how.


If you're working for areas related to social work, this is your lucky day because you'll find great support, whether it comes from someone in particular or from the government itself. You love your job because it's what you want to do in life, but financial help is essential at this point.


Are you a journal writer? Then write away with effort and let your creativity soar. You might find that you could eventually profit from it with a little self-promotion, Aquarians.


Your creative side is on the rise, and it'd be a serious mistake if you tried to refuse to follow your inspiration. Things will smoothly flow forward. Today you'll set a happy course towards your goal, and you'll have fun along the way.



Are you trying to lose weight? You might not know this, but soup is quite filling and perfect for dinners. But you won't settle for just anything! You're bored of the traditional flavour that brings you back to the past. You're the kind of individuals who would rather progress forward.


Have you had the chance to taste the delicious miso soup? It's one of the world's best-known exotic soups, and it has reasons to be, because it's quite common in Japanese cuisine. A true delicacy!

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