Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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Despite your open mentality, sometimes the fixed traits of your sign keep you blind and take you to dead end roads that you resist to leave. You're not going to be right, but still, you'll try everything you can to get your way!

This is a slightly devastating attitude, Aquarians. Instead of overwhelming the other person (who will eventually give up just to cut the scene), use empathy. There's probably an age difference between you that makes you think you're better.

You were born under one of the most tolerant zodiac signs, but sometimes you need to be reminded of that. If you open up to all sorts of opinions, the stars predict that you'll become especially wise.


With the current state of astral affairs, the way you say things could turn your career future upside down and affect your finances in the process. Yes, Aquarians, we all know that you always have truth in your hands, but there might be people who don't want to hear!

A Mercury in tension with other planets will make you talk more than once, but if you give in to your impulse, you're running the risk of revealing information that will make you the target of everyone.

In the same way, if you run your own business, talking about your projects too soon could create a sense of unhealthy envy that will turn tides against you. It's best to act quiet about these things.

A discordant Mercury could also bring thefts and robberies that will hurt you deep down. Even if what's stolen doesn't have much value to it, you'll be tremendously upset about losing the memories those items embodied. Be very careful.


It's important to not only care about your health, but also your outer looks. If you like what you see, you'll be more motivated to take care of yourselves.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that cosmetic care is about spending ludicrous amounts of money into treatments and expensive items.

There's many home remedies which will do wonders on you for little to no cost. To take care of your skin, masks and body rubs made with olive oil will nourish your skin and keep it firm and shiny.

Also, nothing compares to a carefully planned diet when trying to show your best looks. Fruit and vegetables, aside from keeping you full, will make you healthy and beautiful for years on end.