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Aquarius Horoscope for 7 December

Your Forecast for Friday
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No matter whether you're in a relationship or not right now, you'll get some understanding of relationships thanks to your close attention to your partner or the relationships of other people.


But in order to make use of that knowledge, you need to break your shell and show your heart to the people you care about. Pretending you're just fine and dandy without them is the worst mistake you could make...


You could even be a great help for a friend who's going through some issues. Your advice will be gladly welcome and won't fall out into the void. They'll be thankful you got involved and this could make your friendship indestructible.


These days, Cupid will shoot an arrow at you that's impossible to dodge. It's time for single Aquarians to have a serious relationship and experience love like they've never done before with someone.



Don't be so hard on yourselves and be more understanding about your impulses. They might make you act recklessly, but it's also true that you wouldn't be where you are without it.


It's unavoidable that brave knights and warrior princesses will make mistakes every now and then. You can't always be perfect.


Your colleagues know your worth, but the most important thing is what you think of yourselves.


If you're unemployed, pay close attention to what you're already good at. During this transition of Jupiter across Sagittarius, the most philosophical side of Aquarians will be boosted.


Unemployed Aquarians, it might not be too crazy to try and become an advisor or expert at the topic you're so passionate about. You've got a great attitude that makes you want to get to to the bottom of everything that keeps you attentive. Your wisdom is quite valuable, so sell it at the right price.



There's high chances of you falling sick because your job is a source of permanent stress. Watch out for your involvement. Taking things less personally will be crucial for you.


You'll make the firm choice of taking yourselves into consideration more. This is how you face your discomfort with strength and determination. You'll find encouraging results if you keep mentally disciplined.


To reach your health goals, the stars recommend that you should follow your self-imposed agreement of not caring about the work you still have to do. Follow a set schedule and you'll never be sleepless again, Aquarians.

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