Aquarius Horoscope for 7 November

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The idea of settling down with someone for a long-term romance is attractive and at the same time throws you aback! No matter how much you love someone, deep down in your heart you feel that living together is not normal...

You're too much of a fan of yourselves, Aquarians, and not many people can accept you the way you are. Why can't anyone understand your need to do house chores out of the regular schedule or to stay up late?

You're so very creative that you're an easy prey for unpredictability. And of course, with no routine, there's no way for a relationship to have a shared everyday life.

But despite your quirks, you need to give a chance to that person who's been there for you through thick and thin. Their willingness to start a new stage of life with you by their side is honest.

Living with your partner definitely has a bad side to it, but it will also make you experience wonderful areas of a relationship you couldn't ever have dreamed about! Go beyond your own boundaries, Aquarians!


Being fastidiously precise about your work is something appreciated by your managers, but it can make your workmates annoyed. Do you really need to be that strict? Other people can be wrong, but you can't always be right!

Teamwork should and needs to be improved. You should keep in mind that other people could be at least partially right, and try to bring together all opinions. There's no real sole truths in the end.

Financially, a tough control of your impulse has made you save up enough money to start up your own business. Now you know, if you don't want others to tell you how to do things, be your own boss!


Is everyday life too demanding for you or are you the ones that don't take breaks, Aquarians? Those high stress levels have almost overflown the boundaries of what you can take. You need to do something about it.

If you're Aquarian ladies, a higher stress level is linked to a drop in your fertility. You might not want children yet or perhaps you already have as many as you wanted, but you never know... Prevention is always better than cure! Take it easy.

Try to take some deep breaths to calm down, and do something that requires your full undivided attention, such as tai chi or meditation.