Aquarius Forecast for October 7

Prediction for Sunday
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Your relationship will be perfect this Sunday. In fact, you were waiting anxiously to have some free time and spend it with your partner. You'd felt yourselves getting a little distant as of lately.

They'll be really happy about your willingness to get more involved. You should expect a surprise proposal that will bring a big smile to your face. Life can just be wonderful sometimes.

Senses will be boosted and you'll enjoy sensuality so much more. You'll enjoy your partner's whole body, and they'll enjoy your own body in return. Today you should leave your insecurities aside and just give in to physical love.

If you're single, you'll get a chance like fallen from heaven to have a conversation with an interesting individual. In that conversation, you might find delightfully surprising chemistry.


Unfortunately, you'll have to deal with social issues at work. Just as if it weren't enough with the issues from your friends and loved ones! And why? No one wants to pull their weight and they try to give you their work to do. And if you get a day off, you might get nasty messages from colleagues.

Keep your head cool and don't let their excuses affect you. If you're patient enough you'll see some weak points, and you'll finally get them to leave you alone, at least for a while.

Money will always be around if you avoid to take big amounts of it in your wallet when you're out. You'll find that having just enough money for a cup of coffee and a couple more items is quite the efficient penny-saver.


Saturn's fantastic position will give you perfect physical shape. That's something unusual, because this planet's vibrations are complex.

No matter if life is turned upside down for you, because your body will perfectly adapt to the demands of everyday life. Your bone density will be perfect.

In fact, you might have an injury of some sort, but you won't break any bones or get seriously injured.

On the other hand, don't be overconfident and take all measures you can to avoid falling sick with a cold. This time of the year, temperature changes can play tricks on you, so be very careful.