Horoscope for Those Born Under the Aquarius Sign for Friday 7th September by Magic Horoscope

Prediction for Friday
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Being too cautious in your relationships will bring you unwanted consequences: people will perceive your respect as something uncomfortable. They feel you're not being yourselves, and relationships can't flow smoothly that way.

Whether it is to your partner, your friends or family... It's time to show yourselves and open up to the rest of the world!

You have all the talent you need to make them have a good time. Besides, since you're nice, it's easy for people to tell you about their home truths, and that's something you'd die to know.

You'll enlarge your perspectives of the world through the conversations you have in the next few days. Give it a shot, because it'll change your life.


If you're looking for financial advice no matter what issue you're going through, today's your best chance to ask. You're someone who gives top priority to knowledge, and there'll be a real need to increase your current knowledge at work.

This isn't just to get acknowledged there, but to bring your work forward as well. Stay focused on your work and on what you need to keep going better and better every day, and a raise will soon come your way.

Don't forget about working on your humility and your relationships with workmates along the way. You never know where you might get help from in the foreseeable future.


Reading, watching documentaries and staying up late until early morning can be okay from time to time, but be careful about going to excess with this. The next day you'll definitely feel tired.

Choose your free time activities well, and be especially careful about the time you do them. Our body uses sleep stages to cleanse our organs. If you don't rest well or enough, the cleansing process comes at a halt.

If your reasons to stay awake after the clock strikes midnight are social, perhaps you might do well meeting your friends for a cup of coffee or for other day-based activities for a while, Aquarians.