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Aquarius Magic Horoscope for December 8

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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December 8th comes full of surprises for you. The good connections between Venus and Jupiter will influence native Aquarians, and acts of love and spontaneous gifts will fill your day with joy and happiness.


Besides, with the current star configuration you'll be swept off your feet by freedom and openness. Sometimes you get away from people because you feel you can't be yourselves, but Jupiter's expansion in a harmonious bond with Venus will bring plenty of happiness and emotional expansion.


Friends could become something else if you're single, Aquarians. You can't go wrong by adding chocolate bits to a nice bowl of ice cream, so the same thing happens when two people who appreciate each other get in bed together.


Make very clear what sort of relationship you're looking for before anything happens, and you won't have trouble at all.



Saturday brings good news along in the business world as well. The conflicts that could ever occur at your job will get sorted out in the best way possible.


You also have the chance to pay off your pending debts, thus finally recovering some money that you could stash away just in case.


Aquarians, you're quite forward-looking... You're never too comfortable without a safe stash of money in your account. Realising that you can finally start a money-saving stage is something that really makes your day.


Are you currently looking for a job? Why not do some overtime? Even if it isn't your dream job, your involvement will impress the managers, and there's chances for a longer contract.



You can't understand why you get a red face in the mornings, right? The temperature of the water with which you wash your face should really be considered twice if you're someone with delicate or rosacea-prone skin.


The blood vessels in your face react faster, and excessively hot water could promote vasodilation, and therefore, skin reddening.


If you're Aquarian males, instead of temperature, your key factor is to choose a nice face soap that doesn't attack the skin and avoids irritation and rashes. You'll find a great range of products to choose from at the supermarket which could do wonders for you.

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