Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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Aquarians, you're not risky enough... Why do you hide away in your shelter when your soul actually wants to be free? Stop thinking that you could scare people away with your fire.

You might be proposed new sorts of relationships and other innovative ideas. They don't sound too far off, but you're concerned about what other people might think if you choose to go with it.

Whatever marriage crisis you have can only be sorted out if you cross the raging waters. Leaving conventional beliefs and behaviours behind is scary, but you deserve a little risky fun. Don't be afraid about what people might think of you!

You're very well aware that life's too short. Don't hold back from doing what you really want. Your fears are completely senseless, Aquarians.


The stars' influence will be right there with you to help you through everything you do, especially if you dare to challenge your own thoughts. Follow your inner drive and you'll see nothing but beds of roses along the way.

Despite the fear of going wrong, you'll be able to see beyond your own limitations to boost your progress at work or through a project. If it's a creative task, there's no better day to start doing some work.

And just for once, the bank will bring some happy news: that investment fund or long-term saving will bring your account into the safe zone, or perhaps you'll get money thanks to the mediation of a financial advisor.


The influence of planets will make you realise about the health issues you usually ignore. What are you doing to get them sorted out?

Don't pay attention to people who say it's not that big a deal, that it's just an obsession of yours... Each person should get to know their body and you know your own better than anyone else, Aquarians.

Can you feel your teeth more sensitive than before? Don't worry, there's ways to work it out. And why live life with that discomfort on the background? Dental hygiene is one of your ongoing issues... Watch out for that.