Aquarius Horoscope for 8 October

Your Forecast for Monday
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Do you feel sort of overwhelmed about Monday, Aquarians? You suddenly feel you have a mountain of work ahead of you, and of course, anyone's mood can turn sour that way. But try to avoid looking too angry, because your partner isn't the most comprehensive of companions today.

We're all human and we have a hard time at controlling our dissatisfaction. Especially because we believe we're absolutely entitled to unleash all our frustration and negativity against our partner, when that's not really the case.

Try to take up conversations without being defensive, and you'll see yourselves clearing your inner selves. But sometimes your manners are too overbearing, Aquarians. Breathe before you answer, because you'll be prone to seeing attacks where there's nothing going on.

It's understandable that you're excited about finding someone just like you, having someone with whom to share your life. But remember: your need of being listened to can just be fulfilled by calling up a good friend!

If you stay focused on your interests and on doing whatever you need to improve your life, soon you'll find the perfect companion.


Work will take up your entire mental space, and you'll do well to let that happen, because there's some sort of threat looming over your mind right now. Your focus and steely nerves are your best allies.

If you own any real estate, don't put off the search for new tenants, no matter how busy your day is, because now's the time when you'll attract kind individuals who'll take care of your house as if it were their own.

Besides, it's a lucky day for your finances, because Mercury will want your deals to speed up; also, whatever small business you want to get done will end up succeeding, especially if it's about selling items you don't need and charging for services.


Mercury brings positive changes into your life. If you have minor discomfort or you're recovering, the process will speed up quite a lot. Small cuts will also heal and close up quickly.

Many people might make jokes about your health, and compare your healing capacities to those of superheroes! Keep working on your healthy status every day with small gestures that help you to stay strong and firm.

Your organisational skills will help you to avoid losing your mental clarity and stay away from those classic Aquarian anxious states. Writing everything down will make sure you're mentally at peace and ready to succeed.