Aquarius Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 8th September

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You may feel like your life partner can't open themselves fully to you... Even if you feel like you've known each other forever (no matter how long you've been together).

The new moon will affect Aquarians in their relationships, so you'll want to unveil whatever doesn't look very crystal clear in the relationship. You'll be like a psychoanalyst for your partner.

On the one hand, this is really good because it'll help you make your bond stronger... But it's nearly impossible to want to know everything about the other person.

Your keys to make positive progress in your investigation are tolerance to frustration and lots of love and understanding.


Aquarians, you're individuals with great willpower who get what you want. It'll be no less this time, even if you have to work during your time off.

It may be a job that you use as a complement to your current wages. The stars support this endeavour of yours, even if you sometimes feel you're missing out on something important because you're always working.

The current trend under the new moon's influence is to find part-time, easy-to-handle jobs. This can be great for you if you've been out of work for a long while, it'll save you from trouble.


During this new moon you'll be more prone to starting conversations and beneficial dialogues. Not only with your close ones, but also with those acquaintances you get to see every day. Today you'll find words are healing.

You'll also have to take very good care of your inner dialogue. Whatever you tell yourselves today will set the pace for your actions and duties on the days to come. Don't be so stiff and strict, and think positively when you think of yourselves.

If you've been thinking about going for a consultation with a psychologist for a while now, today's your chance. You're not admitting defeat; you're investing in your most precious treasure: your mental health. Open up your mind and you'll get tremendously useful tools, Aquarians.