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Aquarius Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Aquarius Forecast
Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Today's the day to reap your rewards. After so many double-meaning chats and exchanging glances, your intuition has done well. You like one another, and finally, what you've wanted for so long will finally come true.


It's quite likely that this open expression of feelings will come around in a friendly context. If you were expecting a romantic candlelight dinner, it'll take a while before it comes around. Admit it, you're more practical than that!


That'll be one of the reasons why your connection will be so good: your desire to do everything in a simple yet stylish way. Together you'll build a hopeful future, but just for now, don't feel overwhelmed and enjoy the day with them.



You're tired of always doing the same thing, although your job, unfortunately, works that way. Nothing happens out of the blue: repetitive tasks make you focus on the small things.


Anything and everything in the world can help us learn, no matter how much we sometimes believe that what we're doing is not necessary. Well, the sense of everything you do only comes from you, Aquarians.


Instead of intimidating you, pressure makes you grow. You're one of the best adapting to circumstances that would make others give up at the slightest chance. If you keep trying, you'll manage to achieve a somehow comforting state.



These days you might experience a heavy feeling on your legs. Aquarius rules over your hamstrings, and that's where all the tension in your body can generally pile up. The Magic Horoscope has a few tips and tricks that will do wonders for all of you Aquarians out there:


Sleep with slightly raised legs. It should be enough if you put a pillow under your feet.


Don't use tight clothing and avoid both flat shoes and high heels. The perfect thing for you if you're ladies is to use pumps, if you want to become a few inches taller.


Varicous veins could be serious trouble for you. Apply some cold gel and specific target creams in the affected area. It won't be a waste of time at all; you'll notice immediate relief where it hurts the most, Aquarians.

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