Aquarius Magic Horoscope for October 9

Daily Prediction for Tuesday
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You'll be a pillar of strength and a source of support for someone you really love. Life's tough, but it can be a little less so when you have people around who love you.

That person doesn't really need advice; with your constant presence and support, you'll be giving them exactly what they need. How can you give that support? The stars recommend you to bring out your great inner listener, Aquarians.

A call from the past might make your day, but you'll have to be strong and look into your current life, focusing your energy into the people who need you to stay around.

No matter if the person having a bad time is your partner, a close friend or a relative, today will become quite a serious occasion and there won't be much room for blissful gatherings or partying.


Your income level is slowly yet surely increasing. That's what it's about! You've focused on going up the work ladder for quite a while. Not just because of the money (although that's partly the reason), but because you know you have lots to give to your environment.

What might be annoying you right now is that your contract conditions might not be the best out there. And of course, that way it's really hard to stay motivated every day. Career instability can be a real killer.

If you've been holding on through the same situation for a while, it's time to have a serious chat with your closest manager. When you negotiate the conditions for your productivity and performance, you're saying you really care.


Your minor skin rashes and burns are issues for which you can't really pinpoint a cause.

The chemicals and components in shower gels could be altering your skin's PH level. If your epidermis wears thin, that's when these issues can come up.

Before making a choice, it'll be really useful if you get it checked by doctors or nurses. There's creams available for you to buy if you want to get rid of the itch, but you'll have to understand why it's happening first.

States of anxiety could also make your discomfort worse. Take a few deep breaths and try to stay away from any sort of negative thought looming around your mind, Aquarians.