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Aquarius Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 9th September by Magic Horoscope

Daily Prediction for Sunday
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Why argue and get exhausted by wasting your energy on drama? There's no point in wearing yourselves out trying to change something that can't be changed at all. No matter how much you explain yourselves, they won't understand...

Once your reach the final convition that a relationship isn't made for you, you cast it away from you! The rest of zodiac signs should have your self-love, Aquarians.

Break-ups are always hurtful. The mere fact of having to change your habits can make anyone crazy. But you need to get rid over and over again of what doesn't make you feel good or stops you from making any life progress.

Start again as many times as you need to. Live! You know it for sure: if there's no reason to stay, that's your reason to go.


Things will go well with money and you'll get an unexpected income. Someone's gratitude could represent financial relief for you.

Right now you're sailing through winds of change which will turn out to be the best you've ever gotten, if you can use them wisely.

In order to do that, the planets want you to rule over your emotions. Pay close attention to what's going on right in front of you. There will be time for relationships later; now it's time to sweat through the day at work.

If you're unemployed Aquarians, your day will be quite favourable. Someone for whom you did a favour in the past will call you to start at a new job today or in the next few days.


Getting the best health possible is only and solely up to you. If you really appreciate your life that much, why don't you start eating healthier from today?

Forget about the idea that you need to eat this cookie or that sweet dessert to bring bliss into your life. You're stronger than your whims. You've also got help at your disposal if you ever need it.

Eat foods which are natural sources for glucose that your body processes perfectly, such as fruits. It's curious, but you'll come to see that the least processed sugar you eat, the less hungry you'll be, Aquarians.