Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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It's that time of the year when you're in full Aquarian swing. Saturn is one of the ruling planets for Aquarians, and it's not the most sociable planet out there. You'll suddenly feel ambushed by a tremendous sense of seriousness!

Your need to retire from the social scene will be quite pressing... This could be extremely beneficial if you give it the right focus and perspective. You'll increase your ability to think and your knowledge of other people.

Still, you're on the risk of losing the grip of reality. Mix together these two sides of yourselves. Socialising will also give you clues on how existence really works.

When talking about love, it could be seen as a time for introspection and individuality, in opposition to a shared life.


Bad news will come to work. But the influence of planets points out that you'll overcome whatever adversity may come your way.

At the beginning it'll be quite normal that you feel confused, but you'll know how to take the path of solutions right away. Needless to say, your actions will have positive consequences.

You'll make choices following your most spiritual side,putting away your reasoning skills, because you won't able to set reasonable guidelines into stone. This will work quite well throughout today. You won't mind losing a bit of money if that means you can help someone else.


You're entering a self-restrictive stage. Probably you want to start fasting, or you're seriously determined to start walking and getting rid of transport methods.

This sort of planetary influence is what makes you want to go all the way to the 5th floor without using the elevator!

Do it if you really feel it, they're excellent ways of working on your willpower. But no excess is good, what's the use of being too hard on yourselves?

You may be quite rewarded personally through reaching goals, but if you always live in the future, you'll never manage to be fulfilled and satisfied, Aquarians. It's easy to be happy, but it's hard to stay simple.